Did you know that long term plaque build-up (and subsequent gum disease which happens when the bacteria in plaque attacks our gums below the surface to make them red and inflamed) is one of the most common causes of tooth decay and eventual tooth loss in the UK?

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Most people are able to manage their mouths in a stable and healthy condition without the need for more active intervention but when our dentists detect an increase in risk we recommend you visit our hygienist for active assessment and treatment.

We believe a more preventative approach will progressively reduce the number, length and costs of appointments leading to improvement to your dental and general health. A minimally invasive approach with less intervention has proven as successful as more traditional, complex alternative treatments.


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Conditions that regular cleaning can help prevent


Plaque Build Up

Cardiovascular Disease (Heart attack and Stroke)

Bacterial Pneumonia

Low Birth Weight/Extreme High Birth Weight

Diabetes Complications


Rise & Shine with a clean, cleanse & Airflow Polish

Our professional hygienists experts use Airflow scaling and polishing technologies for effective cleaning, whiter smile, banish tooth stains and facilitate to keep your mouth in tip top condition, without the discomfort associated with traditional treatments.

This treatment is ideal for surface staining from tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco Talk to our friendly reception team, we would be delighted to help  020 8337 2886

The advantages of AIR-FLOW® in a nutshell:

  • Removes dental plaque and thus helps avert periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis
  • Removes teeth stains
  • Helps maintain implants sound (where appropriate)
  • Cleans prior to bonding of orthodontic brackets


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Elizabeth Adams
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Our hygienists, Malgorzata Chojak and Elizabeth Adams, are highly experienced and very enthusiastic about good dental hygiene, who are registered with the General Dental Council They will professionally clean your teeth using the latest pastes and polishes, which will remove any plaque or tartar that has built up on the teeth. Most patients will encounter some plaque and tartar that cannot be removed by brushing or flossing alone, which is why it is vital to maintain regular dental hygiene appointments. Your hygienist does much more than just cleaning your teeth. They can also assist you with bespoke oral hygiene advice to carry out at home, and can spot and treat early indications of gingivitis (gum disease). As dental professionals, they are both also committed to Continuous Professional Development and to keeping up to date with the latest advancements in oral health care techniques.

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That’s why, at Cheam Dental Care, we recommend dental hygiene appointments at least every six months with one of our friendly and professional hygienists. Playing an important part in reducing your oral health problems, your dental hygiene appointment will include the following:

  • A gentle yet thorough clean of your teeth to remove the build-up of harmful plaque
  • Safe, quick, and painless
  • Removal of odour causing bacteria for a fresh breath
  • Air polish to remove any light stains for a sparkling clean smile
  • Soft tissue checks to ensure healthy gums
  • Advice on how to effectively brush and floss your teeth


Gum Disease

There are many forms of gum disease and all are primarily the result of plaque activity. Bacteria are now considered to be very complex and can thrive in protective bio-films in our mouths causing permanent damage to our gums and the bony foundation of the teeth leading to looseness, shrunken gums and sensitive teeth.

This process of bone loss begins with bleeding gums with risk increasing over the age of 40, affecting about 30% of the population with 7-13% of this group suffering severely.

Gum disease can be managed and controlled by effective daily plaque control.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay has affected most of us and our memories are clouded by experiences of dentistry which resulted from this disease process also known as caries. Like gum disease, decay has a bacterial origin which, when fed by sugars and assisted by other factors creates acids which remove mineral from our teeth and, if left unchecked, can lead to decay in all age groups

This can eventually lead to pain, sensitivity and discomfort and may not affect only your mouth but also your quality of life.

Gum disease can be managed and controlled by effective daily plaque control.